Jan 6, 2021

2 min read

Cheers to 2021: Out with the Resolutions, In with the New Year Theme

Written by Vincent Miceli, Founder & CEO, Verb

The past year has been something else. But we made it. 2021 is finally here. For most people, the start of a new year means it’s time to make a New Year Resolution or two (again): lose weight, change job, earn more money. Sound familiar?

Humans are a creature of habit, so most of us will repeat this motion year after year. Set some mediocre goals, and forget them by the first week of January. In my experience, this cycle only creates feelings of failure and inadequacy — all sentiments that are conducive to achieving your goals. So, I’m here to propose something different.

Take the pressure off, and start the New Year with a new theme. Something that truly represents your ambitions, your desires, and your goals.

An annual theme symbolizes a guiding light that will help drive sustainable changes that positively impact your life. For me, previous themes included “Live a Life with Integrity” and “The Year of Small Wins.” Each meant something specific but helped to extrapolate my ideas and goals for the year ahead of me.

This idea came to fruition after a series of life events that took me to an ultimate low point. In 2012, I recognized just how unhappy I was on both a personal and professional level. I resented the direction my life was heading. It was time for me to add the pieces to my life that I could own in a way that would stay for the foreseeable future, no matter the circumstances.

Instead of creating those small meaningless resolutions, I made small meaningful changes to the critical areas in my life that made HUGE impacts. I emptied my glass and stepped into the New Year without baggage from the last — a feeling of release, of freshness, a feeling of freedom.

For 2021, my theme is focused on “Filling the Glass.” Building on the foundation that I have created since 2012.

I’ll continue to be accountable for my actions and remain open to the possibility of my potential. I’m ready to be receptive to change and prepared to show compassion to myself for my shortcomings. I’m ready to fill the glass.

What is your New Year Theme?