Coach Q and A with Hugh Lewis

What is your name, and where are you based?

Hi! My name is Hugh Lewis and I’m based in Jamaica.

What inspired you to become a coach as a Sports Therapist Trainer?

I have always been fascinated with how the human body works. However, my interest started while running track in high school after visiting a physical therapist for treatment. The manner in which she explained everything to me was so clear and from that I realized the importance of proper training and made it a duty to really look more into the profession of a sports therapist.

Tell us about your experience as a Sports Therapist Trainer.

So far it has been an excellent experience. My personal clients along with those Interact with on the verb platform have been nothing short of exceptional. They challenge me to find new ways of helping them reach their goals as much as I challenge them on a daily basis to strive for greatness. This is something I believe that we can all relate to as trainers as well. It is always great for trainers when the clients are equally invested in the cause as they are.

What is your approach to coaching? Do you have a particular style or method?

I approach coaching like I would everything in my life. I take a carefully planned approach, but also try to keep it dynamic/flexible as things can change from time to time.

My particular style/styled method of training at its core is to train like an athlete. This is because that’s what I’ve known for years and I’ve received many inquiries where clients visualize themselves being built like an athlete. In conjunction with that, I have incorporated elements of HIIT, cross-training, weight training. I also take nutrition into consideration as an element of my training.

If I had to give it a name, I’d say my method is a multifaceted one. Cardiovascular lifting to be exact.

What’s the best piece of health or wellness advice you have received?

Stay consistent and listen to your body.

What do you like to do in your free time when you’re not coaching?

Listen to music, watch movies, read and watch undisputed on FS1.

How do you de-stress?

There are a number of things that I do, and it depends on the type of mood I’m in. Sometimes I meditate, hit the gym a 2nd time for the day, stretch, spend extra time with the special people in my life, or just sleep.

How do you stay motivated and accountable?

I remind myself that I have a goal to attain and while I’m getting close I’m not there yet. Also, that these people are counting on me to help them become better, so there’s no time to slack off.

Tell us about your morning routine.

Wake up at 5 am, then I pray, have some water and a pre-workout meal, hit the gym by 5:30 to train my early morning crew, and go through my morning workout too.

What do you enjoy most about coaching through the Verb platform?

The fact that it allows me to connect with a lot more persons who are not just looking to be fit or lose weight. The verb platform reiterates the belief that health and wellness also takes into consideration stress management, productivity and etc…

What’s your theme/goal for 2021?

Become the best version of yourself.

What’s your favorite recipe or the food you enjoy most?

Steamed fish with okra, a side of callaloo, and water crackers. (Purely Jamaican dish)

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