How Hating Mondays is Limiting Your Life

By Vincent Miceli, founder and CEO of Verb

Monday. The word itself conjures up feelings of resentment, exhaustion and frustration. People all around the world dread the 52 Mondays every year — they drag themselves out of bed and suffer through a workday that signifies the start of “five days of Hell.”

For decades, Monday has been considered the worst day of the week. But is it really? In my debut article for UpJourney I wrote about how hating mondays is shortsighted and is essentially limiting your life.

It’s gotten so bad that most of us spend our Sundays with anxiety, trying to “relax” as much as possible while mentally scrambling to find ways to avoid what lies ahead. This condition has become so common, we now have well-known terms to describe our feelings — the “Sunday Scaries” or “Sunday Sadness” and the “Monday Blues.”

The habit of hating Mondays has become so ingrained that we’re often not even fully aware of what it is we’re dreading. In the article I’ve provided some of my favorite secrets on how to stop hating Mondays from realizing why you hate Mondays in the first place and how to create a new mindset — be realistic with your worries. I talk about the need to stop chasing the end result and find excitement for the progress, and the importance of setting your own goals, and the art of ignoring the naysayers.

I have tried this strategy for the last decade and I can tell you it works. It has led to improved interactions, increased productivity, higher demand for my involvement and, generally speaking, the odds stacked in my favor. Others have attributed luck to the success I’ve experienced, but I know firsthand it’s my mindset.

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Happy Holidays everyone — see you on Monday

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