Student to CEO: Slow and Steady (almost) Wins the Race

Written by Vin Miceli, Founder and CEO, Verb

In my debut article for Student to CEO I talk about what it takes to be successful and explain my “gold watch approach.” It was fun to reflect back to my days as a student the ups, downs and how I overcame many challenges. All of this paved the way for my success and creation of Verb today.

I attribute the success of that time to a handful of habits I developed to help me cope which I’ve outlined in the article:

Learn to set priorities
If you take an internship, work like your rent depends on it
Take time to recharge
It may sound trite, but be kind, particularly to your friends and colleagues

These habits helped me become the person I am today. They ultimately allowed me to transform from my college years as a coffee-slinging intern to my current position in business leadership.

Looking back, I didn’t know I was CEO material. At the time, I wasn’t. The experience, dedication, and pure hard-headed grit allowed me to reach where I am today. There’s no hidden secret — just a core set of values and a damn good work ethic.

And there’s no reason why you can’t reach the same dizzying heights.

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