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What is your name, and where are you based?

Hi! My name is Hugh Lewis and I’m based in Jamaica.

What inspired you to become a coach as a Sports Therapist Trainer?

I have always been fascinated with how the human body works. However, my interest started while running track in high school after visiting a physical therapist for treatment. The manner in which she explained everything to me was so clear and from that I realized the importance of proper training and made it a duty to really look more into the profession of a sports therapist.

Tell us about your experience as a Sports Therapist Trainer.

Written by Kate Butchino

You’ve managed to shop, bake, and hum your way through all of the holiday preparations. Your house may still be decorated with lights, filled with the aroma of delicious treats, and hopefully, some laughter echoed in the halls (we all need more of that these days). The holidays are both a blissful time for tradition and the most stressful time of the year for most of us — and what adds to that stress? Poor sleep.

Thankfully, you can enjoy the celebrations for this time of year while still catching those precious Zzz’s. …

Written by Vincent Miceli, Founder & CEO, Verb

The past year has been something else. But we made it. 2021 is finally here. For most people, the start of a new year means it’s time to make a New Year Resolution or two (again): lose weight, change job, earn more money. Sound familiar?

Humans are a creature of habit, so most of us will repeat this motion year after year. Set some mediocre goals, and forget them by the first week of January. In my experience, this cycle only creates feelings of failure and inadequacy — all sentiments that are conducive to achieving your goals. …

Written by Vincent Miceli, Founder and CEO, Verb

Prior to COVID-19 the wellness industry was a $4.5 trillion market and growing. The global pandemic’s subsequent lockdown has been particularly challenging for businesses focused on fitness, health, and wellness as they’ve had to shutter their doors for indeterminate amounts of time.

As 2020 comes to a close I’ve taken the time to look at the three trends that will shape the health and wellness industries over the next 12 months.

The Rise of Digital Fitness, The Fall of Brick-and-Mortar Gyms

As a gym owner, I know first-hand that we are fighting the inevitable. Look at it this way; if 20 percent of the gym-goers are motivated enough to work out in their home, they will find their discipline — whether it’s Peloton or working with a Verb coach — they will not go back to gyms. …

Take control of your nutrition during the holidays.

Written by Coach Joe Villegas

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The holidays bring together family & friends, delicious foods and beverages, and great memories. But it’s easy to get carried away and overindulge. Here’s how you can stay in control during the holiday season while still enjoying the time with loved ones.

1). Practice Mindful Eating

Celebrating the holidays with family and friends doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself of traditional foods. …

Written by Vin Miceli, Founder and CEO, Verb

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In my debut article for Student to CEO I talk about what it takes to be successful and explain my “gold watch approach.” It was fun to reflect back to my days as a student the ups, downs and how I overcame many challenges. All of this paved the way for my success and creation of Verb today.

I attribute the success of that time to a handful of habits I developed to help me cope which I’ve outlined in the article:

Learn to set priorities
If you take an internship, work like your rent depends on it
Take time to recharge
It may sound trite, but be kind, particularly to your friends and…

Healthy Teriyaki Chicken

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For this month’s Recipe Of The Month, we’re looking to @luciiacro and her take on Teriyaki Chicken! Give it a try, especially if you’re looking for a delicious and easy midweek meal. Enjoy!

“Something quick and easy that you won’t want to stop eating, I swear!” — @luciiacro


-2 lb chicken (trimmed and cut into bite-sized pieces)

-1 jar healthy teriyaki sauce (of your choosing)

-1 tbsp olive oil, salt & pepper

-Green onions

-Sesame seeds

Suggested sides:

-Brown rice

-Sugar snap peas

-Bell pepper (cut lengthwise)


1). In a skillet, heat up olive oil until hot. …

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What is your name, and where are you based?

Hey there! My name is Kate Butchino. I’m originally from New York, but currently, I’m based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland near the Chesapeake Bay.

What inspired you to become a fitness coach and personal trainer?

I was always an active child — the kid who came home with pine sap in her hair from climbing trees for hours or mud tracked through the house from exploring the woods behind my house. From my childhood of running up mountains and climbing trees to my adolescent years running track and swimming competitively, I was always moving. …

By Vincent Miceli, founder and CEO of Verb

Monday. The word itself conjures up feelings of resentment, exhaustion and frustration. People all around the world dread the 52 Mondays every year — they drag themselves out of bed and suffer through a workday that signifies the start of “five days of Hell.”

For decades, Monday has been considered the worst day of the week. But is it really? In my debut article for UpJourney I wrote about how hating mondays is shortsighted and is essentially limiting your life.

It’s gotten so bad that most of us spend our Sundays with anxiety, trying to “relax” as much as possible while mentally scrambling to find ways to avoid what lies ahead. This condition has become so common, we now have well-known terms to describe our feelings — the “Sunday Scaries” or “Sunday Sadness” and the “Monday Blues.” …

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What is your name, and where are you based?

Hey there. I’m Jacob Zemer — my friends call me Jake. I live in Larchmont, NY. Outside of New York City.

What inspired you to become a fitness coach and personal trainer?

Fitness is a personal passion of mine. I not only enjoy developing and demonstrating it. I love learning about it and coaching it. People approached me or asked me questions about fitness all the time, even before my career. It just seemed a very natural fit.

Tell us about your experience as a personal trainer.

I am a result-based trainer. I love working with clients who want a real change and want to transform their lives and their relationship with their bodies and attitudes toward fitness and health. …



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